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A scent for every mood

Explore the range of Bottlenose Candle scents. From cult favourites to special, one-of-a-kind blends, there is something for everyone.

Here you will find sensory descriptions of all the scents we are stocking for this month.


Thoughts of an exotic holiday as the aromas of lime, jasmine and rosewood wash over you.

TOP NOTES: lime zest, lemon peel

MIDDLE NOTES: lemongrass, jasmine

BASE NOTES: vanilla bean, rosewood

Sun-drenched beaches, gentle rolling waves, azure blue skies wrap around you as frankincense, salted caramel and creamy vanilla embrace your senses.

TOP NOTES: buttery, frankincense

MIDDLE NOTES: salted caramel, coconut

BASE NOTES: creamy vanilla, tonka bean

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