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Our Story

Bottlenose Candles
Supporting dolphin conservation in Australia, one candle at a time.

Bottlenose Candles is a small business out of Sydney, Australia. At Bottlenose we pride ourselves on providing our customers with beautiful, handmade pieces to fill any room with whichever aroma is matching your mood. With a Bottlenose candle you can cultivate a lazy day in the sun, or perhaps you'd rather feel warm and cosy with Autumn scents. Whatever your vibe, you can find it with Bottlenose.

When we started Bottlenose we wanted to ensure that we were giving back in a meaningful way and thus began our partnership with Dolphin Research Australia. For every candle you purchase with us, $1 will be donated to Dolphin Research Australia, supporting the conservation of our playful friends in the sea.
Tracy Spice

About Dolphin Research Australia Inc.

Dolphin Research Australia Inc. is a charitable organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding of the ecology of dolphins, whales, their needs for survival and to improve their conservation and protection of their habitats.

The research undertaken by Dolphin Research Australia Inc. improves the understanding of our marine friend's survival needs by studying their ecology. Importantly, they also look at the impacts of human activities on the health of dolphins, whales and their marine environment. 

Your purchase with Bottlenose Candles helps to support the amazing work of Dolphin Research Australia, keeping our marine friends safe and healthy.

Click here to find out more about Dolphin Research Australia Inc.

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